Acrylic Signs

Make Your Own Acrylic Signs

Acrylic signs are a creative way to get your message across to passers-by and direct your visitors, customers, and clients around your office and during events. These custom acrylic signs are made from high-quality material and will certainly give you durable service. Edit and design the signs in your most preferred style to ensure that your message gets home. Simply choose your design and leave everything else to us. Made from a quality lightweight material, these magnificent acrylic signs can be mounted anywhere, be it on walls or hooks. They can also be moved from one place to another. Our signs are also made from shatter-resistant polymer and feature specialised printing to ensure your pictures or texts won’t fade away easily.

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Highest quality


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What Are Acrylic Signs and Their Varieties

Acrylic signs are transparent plastic sheets used to display text or logos. They are among the most popular sign options. Our acrylic signs come in various sizes and shapes to match your needs. You also choose from a wide range of colours. You need only use our online signs customisation tool to edit and insert what you want to be written on the final acrylic signage. We use material of the highest quality to ensure that the acrylic signs look professional, represent your brand, and for durability. Acrylic sign options have an estimated lifespan of seven to ten years with proper placement and care.


Uses of Acrylic:

  • Outdoor or indoor

  • Office

  • Conference rooms

  • Halls

  • Lobby

  • Building signage

  • Directions


Which Acrylic Material is Right for You?

Depending on your tastes and preferences, choose from clear acrylic or frosted acrylic materials.


Frosted Acrylic:

Frosted acrylic may not be completely transparent, but it allows a certain amount of light to pass through. It diffuses light, giving your sign a frosted but attractive effect.


Clear Acrylic:

On the other hand, clear acrylic sign options give glass-like transparency and are relatively clear. They are made of lightweight, thermoplastic material for durability.


Order the acrylic signs with various fitting options to ensure that you can install them anywhere. You can also access our professional installation guide to make sure that your acrylic sign is installed to the highest standard.


Reasons for Choosing Our Acrylic Signs

Now that you know what acrylic signs are and how to maintain and care for them, find out why you should use our professional acrylic sign options.


  • 100 per cent customisable

  • Gorgeous professional designs

  • Printed with UV-and abrasive-resistant ink

  • Printable on two sides or front or back

  • Safer and longer-lasting than traditional glass

  • Weather resistant

  • Highest quality material for durability

  • Variety of colours, shapes, designs, and sizes

  • Can be used indoors and outdoors

  • Fast delivery


How to Take Care of Your Acrylic

Acrylic signs scratches easily, so you need to install and care for your signs properly. Avoid contact with any sharp objects that may break or scratch the printed surface. Wrap the acrylic with a soft cloth or thick cotton when storing to prevent scratches. Use a damp non-abrasive piece of cloth to wipe the surface. Although acrylic signs can be used both indoors and outdoors, they easily get damaged if they are installed in areas that are in direct sunlight and harsh weather. To counter this problem, we use a four colour printing process and abrasive-resistant UV ink to prevent the text from fading. Lastly, make sure that the signs are out of reach from playful young kids who may break them apart.


There are many reasons as to why you should use custom acrylic signs from Signlabs. Start designing your acrylic sign now. And be sure to contact us for any inquiries.